Friday, October 9, 2009

Green Energy Technologies

Well, I havent written in awhile, and thats mostly because Ive been so busy with school and work. Id like to say Ive progressed with my program to be able to post more tutorials about the various parts of my program, but unfortunately, I havent gotten anywhere since Mid-Summer.

The good news is that Ive been progressing nicely in my studies in Mechanical Engineering, and am starting to get a basis to start from as far as my research is concerned. Ive been working steadily on a literature search with my Research Assistant, and I think Im getting somewhere. Ive done an initial design for the turbine, and Im in the process of taking it from the white board, to graphing paper, then to Pro-E, where I'll actually get to see how this thing will come together.

My thesis is about the Tesla Turbine, but I havent formulated exactly what that thesis is, except that I want to build the first turbine which would be the prototype for my custom design to test basic factors, then build a test model to actually run some experiments, then if things go well, try to shrink everything down to a really small size, and see if that design is more efficient or less efficient than a larger model.

I'll try to post regularly if not about tutorials, then more about my graduate work, and green technologies and the like. Ive been a big supporter of green (and energy efficient) technologies, which is one reason why I chose the Tesla Turbine to do research on. This turbine has the capabilities to be run off of any fluid: steam, gas, hydrogen, water, etc. It can work in any direction, clockwise or counterclockwise, without any change in the hardware. And because its so small, it can practically fit anywhere. The possibilities are endless, thereby making it a very good candidate of discussion in the green energy technologies that most people talk about these days.