Projects Portfolio

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Smart Home Controls for Intelligent Energy Savings
June 2009 – Present

The Smart Home Controls System is a controls project with many aspects intended to save people money on their energy bills, through intelligent management of utilities, pro-active security and home comfort systems. Utilizes custom hardware and software, and may include multiple technologies such as the TI Beagle Bone, Arduino, XBee, Raspberry Pi, Cosm, as well as other data mining services to amalgamate sensor data. See: Blog.

Dual Relay Controller
May 2012 – Present

A dual Omron G8P-Relay Controller PCB board for use with embedded Linux microcomputers such as the TI Beagle Bone and the Raspberry Pi.

UNT Eagle Point Weather Station/Wind Energy Course
Aug 2010 – May 2011  

Setup and operated a weather station near the University of North Texas Wind Turbines for onsite data collection of wind patterns and present weather conditions. Course curriculum was developed for a Wind Energy course at UNT. See image below.

    Tesla Turbine Research
    Aug 2009 – May 2011  

    Observed and documented turbine testing techniques and experimental apparati. Analyzed the thermodynamic properties of a Tesla turbine.Utilized Pro-Engineer Wildfire in designing existing and future prototype Tesla turbines. Utilized CNC G-Code in fabrication of machined components.Designed, developed and fabricated a high speed, low torque dynamometer for testing Tesla turbines. See images below.

      Home Infrastructure for Power and Energy Efficiency
      Aug 2008 – May 2009

      Worked closely in a team to create a functioning prototype of an Efficient Home Power Utility Regulation system using VB, PHP, C and C++. Specifically constructed power switching module with relays; programmed with C, C++ and VB. See image below.


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        Emran, T. Tesla Turbine Torque Modeling for Construction of a Dynamometer and Turbine. Denton, Texas. UNT Digital Library. 2011.


        Emran, T., Traum, M.,DeMay, M.,Stallings, C., and Alexander, R. Tesla Turbine Stall Torque for Dynamometer Load Selection. Presented at the November 2010 University of North Texas Engineering Advisory Board Meeting, Denton, TX.