Friday, October 26, 2012

Beaglebone LCD3 Arrives!

Finally, after waiting for about 2 months, Ive gotten my LCD3 cape for my Beaglebone. Now I can start working with a screen. While it is the smaller of the two screens you can get, 7-inch for the larger, and 3.5-inch for the smaller, its still a useful screen to work with. 

After discovering today that Texas Instruments released an image of Android for the Beaglebone, Im strongly leaning towards writing that image to another SD card and trying my luck at getting Android working on the Beaglebone. The great part is the TI tutorial for their Matrix GUI takes place on the Android system, so I feel thats my best bet for getting the config I want actually working. Plus, Android has a MUCH more friendly GUI over Angstrom Linux. Even Angstrom with Gnome isnt all that great, from what I can tell visually.

As far as updates with the current Beaglebone build, Ive been unsuccessful as of late in getting my WiFi connecting - I think its a problem with my Xubuntu laptop. Ive setup the driver & the WiFi module lights up, but when I go to restart the WiFi config file, Angstrom & my XUbuntu terminal both hang. When I unplug the Beaglebone, the XUbuntu laptop crashes, and Im forced to reboot.

Either way, I will have to start from scratch with this WiFi issue on Android if I want to move in that direction. I'll post updates on this, as Im quite sure a lot of folks are interested about this topic. 

The build as it stands now:
~Beaglebone with Angstrom Linux and WiFi (no WiFi in the image below)

~An expansion cape with an XBee

    ~An LCD3 3.5" Touchscreen with Interface buttons

      Just have some Linux FYI:

      To shutdown, type:

      sudo halt
      sudo shutdown -h now

      To reboot, use:
      sudo reboot
      sudo shutdown -r now

      For more information on these commands, use:
      man reboot 
      man shutdown

      To see the current network connections, use:
      sudo ifconfig

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