Monday, October 29, 2012

Teensy 3.0 Arrives!

I just got my Teensy 3.0 today, and Im excited to work with it to get a feel for ARM M4 development. 

One of the most striking differences between this and the Teensy 2.0 is the board color and size. Its black and about a quarter of an inch longer than the former board. Also to note it obvious has the USB 2.0 Micro-B connector not the USB 2.0 Mini-B as the previous Teensy has.

Another immediate difference is the size of the chip. Its much larger and has twice as many pins. The board itself has many more pins packed in that tiny space than the Teensy 2.0.

Finally, the most promising, and most important feature, is the fact that this is an ARM Cortex-M4 with Arduino-style programming. You can see more on development using this powerful device on DangerousPrototypes, and the PJRC Forum.

The Kickstarter page is also available here if you want even more information.

Here are some of the specs of the Teensy 3.0:

Manufacturer: Freescale Semiconductor
Core: ARM Cortex M4
Processor Series: MK20DX128VLH5
Data Bus Width: 32 bit
Maximum Clock Frequency: 48 MHz 
(Up to 94 MHz Overclocked)
Program Memory Size: 128 KB
Data RAM Size: 16 KB
Digital Pins: 34  
PWM Pins: 10
Analog Pins: 14
DAC Pins: 0    
On-Chip ADC: Yes
On-Chip RTC: Yes
Operating Supply Voltage: 5V
USB Version: 2.0
USB Type: Micro-B

Photo Credit: John Beale

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