Green Technology

Imagine the future for just a moment: eco-friendly construction materials, zero energy power, true Green homes by the thousands. This is all in our reach. We currently have engineers who think outside of the box to create more useful technologies for cheaper and more eco-friendly that we have in the past. We have solar, wind and kinetic power production means for homeowners. All these beautiful technologies exist, but we need to connect the dots and create true Green homes based on all these technologies. The gold rating by the EPA only scrapes the surface. Imagine a home that can self sustain itself, known when something is happening, and be able to react to provide a better service for the homeowner. If there was a platinum rating, this concept would qualify.

This brings us to present day.

Occasionally I'll discuss/post new Green eco-friendly technologies that catch my eye. The goal is to figure out a way to integrate these technologies into a home that has a Smart Management Service. A Green, energy efficient home would not only have to be smart, but be constructed with all new materials that can tackle the challenges of energy production and eco-friendliness in the 21st century.

As far as the Smart Home System is concerned, the goal is to produce a lead-free environmentally friendly device. So once a working prototype is produced and tested, I will strive to meet the Green ROHS standard that most companies today adhere to.