Saturday, May 14, 2011

PCB Progress

Well good news. Ive managed to work on and finish four PCB designs: a Relay Shield for the Arduino (rated for 30A & 220VAC) , and a smaller relay shield for the Teensy 2.0 (rated for 2.5A & 60VDC), both of which would be very useful for the Smart Home System. The third shield is a 3-Axis Accelerometer Shield, and finally the fourth is the compass shield. Going to put those aside until I can save up resources to get them made and assembled (I realize they aren't big, but there's more to micro boards then just the PCB's). Ive decided once I have prototypes of these in my hands, I'll post pics of them, along with Schematics, so stay tuned for them.

Thanks to Paul, from PJRC, for suggesting the idea of creating a USB Host Controller Shield for the Teensy 2.0 for the use of multiple USB devices. Theres a chance I can even get the Teensy to run a Bluetooth dongle too! Awesome stuff. Lots of ideas brewing from that, but since its not related to the Smart Home Project directly, I'll see if its possible to integrate it in-Bluetooth controls of home settings, or something.

A note on electricity management/fire prevention module: Ive decided to use shunt-trip breakers in cooperation with the smart plugs so that if the smart plug fails to trip, the main breaker will trip. I've also decided that for the prototype smart plug, I'll use a Teensy 2.0 with my custom relay board. The plan is to eventually integrate the Atmel Microprocessor onto the relay board in a compact package that will fit in a standard size electrical gang box. Im also considering wireless communication (802g wifi) for these, along with some micro or mini dc adapter (120VAC to 5VDC with a regulator & battery) that would allow this module to fit in that box. The goal is that they should be self-sustained and zero maintenance.

Onwards, I'll be working on the Gas Sensor Shield, the Gas Sensor IC Board, and I'll devote more time to getting the server operational.

Live long and prosper.

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