Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lack of Updates

Well work has picked up a bit, so Ive been unable to work on my projects and move forward with anything. It will probably be like this for the next few months until I can figure out how to balance work and personal projects.

I'll try to get those Teensy shields made as soon as I can, but Im still lacking in a few things. First is a temp controller for the Hot Plate. Second is the Exhaust Hood for the SMD/Soldering Station. Third is the Mini Fridge for all my Non-Edible Project related items. Once I get all three things put together, I can start up doing SMD tests, and then go full scale with the shields.

I got lots of circuit designs for the PWM fan controller and the temp controller, so I'll put together a couple schematics to put into Eagle, and send those off to Laen so that I can move forward with this stuff. I really dont like Perf Boards, and since this stuff is going to be used on a regular basis, I would prefer not to use breadboards.

Well, ranting for long enough. Peace Out.

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