Monday, June 4, 2012

G8P Relay Controller

Well I've been developing a dual relay controller board for use with my Smart Home system (its meant to be controlled via the Beagle Bone or Raspberry Pi). Its somewhat based on the NCD USB Relay board, but I've changed a few things and made it smaller. Trust me, my board looks nothing like theirs.

I wont go into too many details until I've gotten the board fabricated, assembled and tested. For now, I'd like to highlight some specs and code. The benefit of this board is that I've decided to embed a Teensy microcontroller into it, which means that this is a USB-to-Serial Relay board. So the Teensy is powered via USB. The relays however, will be powered via a 12VDC adapter. The relay power supply is separate from the Teensy power supply.

There are two Quick-Connect Contact G8P Relays on board. If I decide SPST, its rated at 30A at 250VAC, and if SPDT, its rated at 20A at 250VAC.

For reference, here is the ASCII byte command chart:

//The first is the command mode byte (not implemented); The second is the command byte. 

          (254),0-1 Turn ON Individual Relays
          (254),2-3 Turn OFF Individual Relays
          (254),4-5 Get the Status of an Individual Relay
          (254),6 turn all on.
          (254),7 turn all off.

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