Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rensas RL78/G13 Promotion Board

Well, I got my Rensas promotion board today, so Im excited to see what features it can provide me, and if it can fit into my project. Great thing is, I made the sample request yesterday, and they sent it with 1-day shipping. You better get one while this lasts, even if you dont have a need for it, its free!

The features according to the RENSAS Website
  • World’s leading low power performance for equivalent MCUs in its class 
  • Scalability of line-up, including smart pin layout 
  • System cost saving features 
  • Wide voltage operation 
  • Wide temperature operation 
  • Built-in safety features
The RL78 MCUs‘ innovative “Snooze“ mode achieves ultra-low power by allowing ADC operation and serial communication, all while the CPU is turned off. This makes the RL78 MCUs best in class for low power applications.

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