Thursday, April 14, 2011

Arduino Home Management System Update 1

My gas sensors came in as have the Arduino, the Wiznet Ethernet adapter & shield. I've assembled all the kits, and begun programming and testing everything. I was worried because the Arduino wouldnt accept my sketch upload. But after sending some random characters through the serial monitor, the Arduino serial sync reset, thus was able to be programmed. As a result, my preliminary Web Server ran for the first time ever!

So the next major steps are advanced coding of the Web Server, then testing the Gas sensors and calibrating them. I strongly recommend starting out with this code which requires the Arduino Ethernet Library and the PROGMEM Library to work.

In the short term, Im going to try to install my SD card breakout board onto my Sparkfun ProtoScrewShield so that I can access my Web Server files from an SD card. That way the web interface can use some Cascading Style Sheets instead of being a boring white screen page.

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