Sunday, June 26, 2011

Designing the Future

Well I spent this week just designing how systems will work, and creating a few prototypes. I intend to do the same next week as well, since I have yet to receive my boards, or my ordered parts.

I have been leaning more and more towards recreating the Black Widow (Probably going to rename it as the Bronco and add some features) since that has all the hardware I need to make a wireless prototype. The shields Im designing for the Arduino Uno, should be able to work with that Arduino clone. So, I'll have my own customized hardware using open source code. Depending on the need for this, I might have it available for sale as well...with Eagle Files posted.

So I've already begun acquiring hardware to setup an SMD/SMT soldering station. That will allow me to solder up all these boards with SMD parts. I wont bother to invest in a Pick-and-place machine or a Reflow oven until I've gotten my prototypes working and a marketable product that I can mass produce myself.
One thing I am interested in investigating is the possibility to change colors of silkscreens and boards. I've seen black, white, purple, green and red boards so far, with white and black silkscreens. So if I can find an orange or blue board, with purple silkscreen, that would be really cool.

Until next time, Stay safe, and Stay Green!

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