Friday, July 8, 2011

New Boards!

Finally got back in town, and what did I get in the mail? My new boards. Purple and gold: Love them. So now the next step is to check them to make sure they're all electronically correct, and order any parts left to order.

I also received my Powerduino, which is the DC-DC converter shield with a MAX1771 chip in it, as well as another prototype board set.

07/10 Update: I caught two major flaws in my electrical test/board revision. I can mod the board to get it to work, so I'll go ahead and do that to make sure the design works before ordering new boards. New boards will implement vias tenting, correct label sizes and fixed via sizes. I am also considering using 3.5mm 2-pin screw headers for connecting the power supply source to the relay board, rather than my specialized header connection thats made for connecting to my DC-DC shield. That way anyone can use it without my Powerduino shield.

More updates to come in the future!

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