Monday, April 23, 2012

Dragrove Arrives!

Well my Dragrove arrived in the mail today, and I'm excited to get it working. I had ordered an XBee unit along with it, so I'll be able to set that up as well. Here's a picture of what it looks like.
Dragrove Unit

I thought this would be a plug and play device, but it isn't. There's a bit of setup to do. 

The downer at the moment is this: when powering it on and plugging the Ethernet cable in, nothing happens. The Power LED and the Heart LED (I have no idea what that one is for) light up, but there is no local Ethernet connection. I tried two different cables, and tried to troubleshoot the Ethernet connection, but still, nada. I don't have a clue why I cant connect. There are no LED's on the Ethernet port on the Dragrove for me to know if the connection works or not, but according to the LED's on my switch, the power led doesn't come on. That's a bad sign, but I'm still optimistic. 

I'll have to debug some more in the morning.


  1. hi, Tamir,
    Try connect the Dragrove LAN port directly to your computer, set your computer to and use your computer to ping, Dragino have the ip in bootloader and linux.
    LAN LED should be on. the hearbeat LED is controllered by AVR.

  2. What about the Default Gateway IP?

    I tried setting the IP address/Subnet/and DNS IP's, and then I pinged Nothing happens. The LAN LED doesnt come on. Im using a Vista Laptop to do this setup, so Im not quite sure if theres anything Im doing wrong.

    My ping just tells me: Destination host is unreachable.

    1. I found that when I setup my WiFi with those IP addresses, and then ping ( gave 50% loss), I get 4 packets received and 0 packets lost. But still the LAN LED (or the WiFi LED) doesnt come on. I'll see if I can try another cable; Im not sure if my patch cables are the problem.

    2. Hello, Tamir,
      Here is a normal boot process of Dragino FYI,
      Maybe we can discuss in mail for this booting issue, my mail is