Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Operation Dragrove: Part 1

Getting a Dragino operational is actually quite simple. Just dont panic if things dont go as planned.

First you need to make sure the Dragino boots, as discussed here. All you need is a basic Ethernet cable (I used a CAT5 patch cable I had laying around). Once it boots, this is what the LED's should look like:

It might be difficult to understand what those LED's represent, so I'll make it easy on you, so you dont have to search around. Obviously the circle with the line is the Power LED. The Heart is the AVR LED. The Earth is the boot-up. The 3 squares connected together is the LAN connection, and the last one is the WiFi connection.

If you purchased a Dragrove, you'll have to remove the daughter board from the Dragino, in order to get linux to boot up. Not sure why this board is preventing the Dragino from booting correctly, but I'll find out. This is what the board looks like:

Now you should be able to ping the Dragino, as well as access it via Putty and WinSCP.

To set up the Dragino as an AP Client (i.e. it connects to the internet via another WiFi router), just follow these instructions (use in your browser). I'll post in part two how to send data out to Pachube.

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