Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eagle Libraries

I had a discussion with my supervisor at work a few weeks ago about the lack of Eagle libraries available to people for development. So I've started going around collecting as many Eagle Libs as I possibly can to add them to my collection and make them grow. 

Here is what I've collected thus far: the basic Eagle Libs, the Teensy series, Sparkfun's Libs, Adafruit's Libs, Dan Strother's Libs, and some more. Download all of them zipped together here.

I'll post updates on this when I can. In fact, I'll create a page to host this as a more permanent home.

Also there just so happens to be a Library Repository on the Cadsoft website. 

And of course, the goodie of the day/week/month...Hackaday covers Visualizing PCB Revisions.


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