Sunday, August 21, 2011

SMD Solder Station Setup

Well Ive begun to order bits and pieces of my SMD/SMT solder station. First up is a Maxi-matic Elite Cuisine 1000W Hot plate. That runs for about 40 bucks. That sets the stage for getting my SMD stuff soldered. But for rework, and through-hole soldering, I've also ordered an Antex XS25 Professional Soldering Iron. Those run for about 40 bucks as well, but I added a bunch of tips, and a fancy base, so that brought the price tag up to 70 bucks with shipping. 

Things to get still are:

  1. A Laser/IR Temp Sensor
  2. A small refrigerator - for keeping Solder Paste
  3. Solder Paste
  4. Mylar Stencils
  5. Possibly a second soldering iron, but this time temperature controlled
  6. A Magnifying Light - so I can see really small things on my boards
  7. Solder Flux - I prefer the ones in syringes: they're just easier to work with, and give you tiny amounts
Once Ive setup all the components of the soldering station, I can begin assembling components on my prototype board. Of course I'll have to program the Teensy I've got to test that everything works out. But Im considering getting a mobile/portable oscilloscope just to get me started in case I need to test any connections.

Thanks for reading.

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