Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Prototype Board

Well I got my 3-axis accelerometer Teensy shield PCB's in the mail yesterday, and Im excited. So far all looks good on the design, and Im ready to get my PCB soldering station setup so I can tinker with soldering the SMD parts. Once thats done, then I'll test the board. If it passes all the tests, then I'll solder up the other two boards, test, and put em up for sale (probably an ebay store, linked from the Teensy website). 

Depending on how this sale goes, I'll either expand this venture, or move on to another design. Im curious to know what kind of people can actually use this board in their designs and projects. Its loosely based on the Sparkfun breakout board, but there are additions to this. I've added an LED to the board, along with a reset button for the Teensy. I've also designed this so that it can be used along side with my two other prototype shields that I've drawn up. Again, depending how the sales of this go, I might be selling all three of these boards possibly by the end of the year. 

I'll post a picture of the boards when I get the chance.

Minor update about the Smart Home system: since moving into my new place, and getting setup with the new job, I havent made much progress. But now that Im getting my SMD soldering station setup, I'll be able to solder up those boards I made, and test them to make sure they work. Then once I feel confident about my SMD soldering skills, I'll order up my new sensor boards with SMD pads, just to make things smaller. I'll probably investigate into making a thermally controlled toaster oven to make two sided boards, but that'll be in the future.

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